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Nobody likes to see unappealing stuff in the food they’ve ordered. That not only kills appetite but also makes a customer lose trust in the food delivery sector as a whole. Our constant aim at Ramyas foodee is to make the appetising food for everyone. To help this the hygiene standards are taught to every delivery executive. While joining every executive undergoes a week of training related to how to handle food(s). We also increased the hygiene standards at our kitchen.  Every food is packed and delivered under the standards so that every food delivered looks delectable. We believe that keeping food quality high until it reaches the end customer is an important factor in terms of customer retention. Hygiene, sanitation and proper handling of the food along are the key factors which make Ramyas Foodee most prefered by all our customers. Serving from the high-class restaurant is an added advantage as we serve to every roads and corner of Trichy (with 5 km radius from central bus- stand) with the yummy dishes prepared at the Kitchen of Hotel Ramyas. Our food packing looks so satisfying that every customer feels happy about ordering food with us.We believe that food package and hygiene is the major factor for customer to feel satisfied so we work every day a little harder to provide the best for everyone.