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The food at your doorstep

I'm staying in trichy and I have been using Ramyas foodee app for more than one year. I’m very happy with its services. It's more comfortable to order food in Ramyas foodee app. You can order both veg and non-veg foods in a single shop, and the ordering process is also simple. They offer a variety of foods, from soups, starters, grill to beverages and desserts. Burgers and sandwiches are also available there. South Indian tiffins are also good. Breakfast is available from 7:30 AM. They always deliver fresh, hot, hygiene and tastier food with proper packing. If you’re in trichy it is the best app to order food.

Eating In and Out

Last week I celebrated my birthday with my office team which was one of the best birthdays in my life. We are a team of 30 members & we would use to cut cakes for everyone’s birthday and have lunch in a hotel to enjoy the day. But for my birthday we changed our plan to have lunch within the office instead of going to the hotel. We were all set and ready for the party, but we had a small confusion about where to order the food for 30 members. One of the team members suggested Ramya’s foodie app for the bulk order of food. Finally, we ordered food for us through Ramya's foodie app and waited for it. To my surprise, the food was delivered before 5 minutes we expected and packaging of food was very neat. The taste was awesome and all enjoyed my birthday party with Ramya’s foodie. Perfect food delivery app for bulk orders of food and also timely deliverable.

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More than Just Food

I’m Soundarya, the resident at Trichy. Last month, we admitted our grandfather at a Private Hospital in Trichy due to chest pain. By God’s grace, he was back to normal in 2 days. While we were at the hospital, we were unable to prepare food for ourselves and also for the relatives who came for a visit. My friend suggested me to order food through Ramyas Foodee mobile app, it delivered food at our destination (hospital) and it delivered it at the right time. The most highlighted feature is we can give special instructions for cooking, which Ramyas Foodee will follow and deliver it with care. Thanks to Ramyas Foodee, the food was delicious and most importantly it has been a great support at the needy time.

Like the food I prepare

Living with grandparents is bliss, but still, if they get sick making special foods for them needs tedious care and huge time. I’m Swarna studying my post graduation and I live with my grandparents at Trichy. During my last semester, my grandmother was suffering from Viral Fever for a week. I became really worried as exams were near but I need to prepare the dishes specially for her. At that time my friend told me about Ramya’s foodee app, when I checked the app I found out that they provided with the customisation feature, I was not confident yet gave a try. But to my surprise, the food was deliciously hot, specially made in along terms of my instruction and was comfortable for my Grandmother to eat. Thanks to Ramya’s Foodee for your time and best service.

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Faster than any other

Hi, myself Ram. My friends used to refer to me as "foodie". Like others, I am also a great lover of foods and love to order food frequently.

If I thought of having food, I would immediately order food online. But the problem faced by myself and most of my friends while using other apps is, there is no delivery executive assigned while ordering the food. I have waited for more than one hour for accepting my order, but there is no response. In the end, after several minutes, my order was cancelled. This kind of failure is frustrating and create a bad impression on the app.
Then the Ramyas Foodee app was suggested by one of my friends. Straight away, I ordered food from the app and received the food on time. The time consumed for other apps to place an order is the time consumed by Ramyas Foodee app to deliver the order.
That show how best their service and how they value it.
I believe that's the reason my friend recommended it and I will do the same to my circle.
This is the best app I've ever used. Get the tastiest food and on time deliver food only from Ramyas Foodee App.